Masternaut Cookie Policy

When you visit Masternaut’s website, Masternaut may transfer cookies to your computer or other device via which you visit such website. Any such cookie will be a unique identifier that is stored on, and that will enable Masternaut’s systems to recognise, your computer or device and then perform a variety of functions as described further below.

Masternaut’s cookie settings are set to permit use of all of our cookies which will allow Masternaut to provide you with the most complete experience whilst using Masternaut’s applications. The cookies are required to enable you to use Masternaut’s applications to their full extent. If you continue to use Masternaut’s applications, then Masternaut shall take this to mean that you consent to our use of cookies as explained in this notice.

Masternaut’s Use of Cookies: Purpose

Masternaut uses cookies to collect information so that it can personalise your experience on Masternaut’s website.

The information gathered by cookies may be used by Masternaut to analyse and understand how its customers use the Masternaut website, evaluate how effective the website is, determine any difficulties customers may experience during use of the website, analyse trends and administer the Masternaut website. Masternaut may review these analyses in order to determine and make appropriate improvements to its website.

Some of the Masternaut cookies enable customers to use features on Masternaut’s website and some cookies enable Masternaut to ascertain whether a customer’s computer or device has been used to visit Masternaut’s website in the past. This information may be used to provide a customer with customised content or may allow Masternaut to store items such as identifiers and user preferences.

Cookies may be used to support Masternaut’s security measures, such as requiring re-logging into the website if there has been no activity for a specified period of time.

Masternaut does not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about customers and Masternaut does not supply data about its customers to third parties for advertising purposes.

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